The Kids’ Campaign is the first of its kind in Philadelphia – a nonpartisan effort that is not backing a candidate and that defines the election solely on the safety of children and youth. Through candidate questionnaires and forums, The Kids’ Campaign will share with voting parents and young adults the information they need to determine which candidate will keep Philly’s children safe.

The Kids Agenda

What does the next Mayor of Philadelphia need to do to make every day safer than the last? The Kids Campaign has developed a list of core beliefs so that the candidates for Mayor know what kids need to be S.E.C.U.R.E. They need Safety, Education, Careers, Uplift, Recreation, and a healthy Environment.

Join Our Campaign

The Kids Campaign needs your help! Endorse the Kids Agenda if you believe the next mayor of Philadelphia must be a mayor for kids and must take action on the Kids Agenda. Help us hold the next mayor accountable to the children of Philadelphia.

Candidate Responses

We asked the candidates for mayor to pledge their support to the Kids Agenda. Because promises are not enough, we then asked them HOW they will make each plank a reality. See which candidate responded and what they will do for kids as mayor.

Policy Papers

The Kids Campaign knows that promises are not enough. We need action. That’s why we released policy papers detailing our asks for each item on the Kids Agenda. Find out more about what kids need and why it matters to kids, parents, and the city.

Spreading The Word

Help us get the word out about the Kids Campaign. Download postcards or request pins so that you can recruit other parents and voters to support the Kids Agenda.

Upcoming Events

The Kids Campaign will be hosting candidate forums and a Kids Debate throughout the election season. You can ask candidates for mayor your questions about the Kids Agenda and decide for yourself which candidate is the best for kids. See where the Kids Campaign will be. Join us.